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With flat-file CMS like Grav gaining popularity, it is useful to maintain a single source of truth on GitHub. Once the site is on GitHub, it can be easily modified by multiple contributors. Using the Webhooks functionality available in GitHub, the hosted website can be updated automatically when any modifications are pushed to GitHub.

This update is usually a simple process with a short PHP script. But when working with private GitHub repositories, because of the security requirements of GitHub and the way Apache works on Ubuntu, it requires some additional configuration for the process to function seamlessly.

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Anyone with some familiarity with unix filesystems will recognize the file permissions like -rw-r--r--. However, you will also notice a “+” and “@” symbol appearing to the right of the permission tables of some of the files. What are these? They are called extended file attributes.

This note explains the extended file attributes. Thanks to original poster. What Is The Significance Of “+” And “@” In Mac OS X File Permission Tables

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Most examples for setting the RTC on an ESP32 use WiFi or Ethernet connection and the builtin SNTP library or the NTPClient library. However, if a device operates in an environment without WiFi over 3G (as in our case), setting the RTC is not so straightforward.

This is just a quick note to understand the workings of timeservers and synchronizing the RTC using SNTP over TCP and UDP connections.

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PlatformIO IDE is a nifty integrated development environment available in Atom for embedded systems. It supports many different boards and platforms out of the box. PlatformIO Terminal is a terminal package for Atom that can be installed independently of the IDE.

The terminal comes with some basic theme support. This short note explains how to configure it for the Solarized colours. Other themes may be configured similarly.

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The SIM5360 series is a Dual-Band HSPA+/WCDMA and Quad-Band GSM/GPRS/EDGE module solution in a SMT type which supports HSPA+ up to 14.4Mbps for downlink data transfer. SIM5360 related documentation can be downloaded from SIMCom site.

This short note explains the AT commands needed to open the network and establish a TCP connection on the SIM5360A.

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